Top 10 Best Paying Jobs in West Africa

February 28, 2021 | by: David Kodjani

According to a Bloomberg report, Africa is expected to lead the new world economic order within the next 15 years as result of major advances in production and a young population with 50% of Africans being under 34 years old. Here is a list of the top 10 best paying jobs in West Africa:

1. Agriculture

Africa's largest economic sector is agriculture, which accounts for 15% of the continent's GDP. This sector requires a degree in agriculture where skills such as business research and consultancy work, agricultural sales, food production, agricultural journalism and farm management. The highest paying careers in agriculture include agricultural engineering, where principles of scientific engineering and agricultural practice are applied to agricultural problems and where employees earn more than $ 60,000 (32 million CFA francs); Veterinarian - which relates to animal health care and employees earn an average salary of over $ 24,000 (12 million CFA francs), and farm management, which relates to the commercial management of a farm where employees can earn more of $ 90,000 (48 million per year).

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2. Infrastructure

Due to Africa's thriving economy and high rate of urbanization, infrastructure is critical to the continent's growth. Banking, telecommunications, transportation, real estate, sewage, water and electrical systems will need to be built or upgraded, all requiring skilled occupations. Infrastructure skills can be absorbed in the fields of town planning, engineering, construction, business, architecture and technology. In building and construction, engineering takes first prize in the highest paying field, structural engineering (which is about conceptualizing the design, stability and durability of buildings) leading the pack. Structural engineers can earn an average salary of $ 4,600 (2 million CFA francs) per month.

3. Mining

Extractive activities in the minerals and energy sectors are currently responsible for economic growth in the West African region. Mining is a fairly large industry, with jobs for professionals such as scientists, engineers, geologists, surveyors, drillers, information and communications technology professionals, power plant operators. and human resource managers. The main fields of study include engineering, geology, science and economics. Mining engineering is the highest paying field in most career sectors because mineral extraction is lucrative for any economy. Mining engineers earn an average monthly salary of over $ 6,074 (3 million CFA francs) and are responsible for the planning, safety, design, operation, management and sustainability of mines as well as the environmentally sound extraction of mines. resources of our land.

4. Service

The service sector has grown in recent years as the African middle class grows and has more purchasing power for services, especially in West African. Entering this industry would require skills in business management, retail management, economics and accounting. Brand management and marketing would also be helpful, as selling products requires good marketing, and sales and advertising are also a key skill, as talking to consumers will be what will keep this industry afloat. The human resources field offers the highest salary with an average monthly salary of over $ 2,300 (1 million CFA francs). In the marketing industry, marketing directors, market researchers and brand managers are the best paid with an average monthly salary of over $ 3,500 (1,800,000 CFA francs).

5. Banking and Finance

The banking and financial sector is vast in terms of the types of careers one can have. There are 6 major career areas in this industry including financial management, insurance, securities brokerage and asset management, financial advice (like auditing), banking (like banking investment) and finance (such as accounting, tax, and payroll and salaries). A degree in accounting, actuarial science or economics will be very helpful in providing skills in this sector. Analysts are the highest paid in finance, with an average monthly salary of over $ 4,100 (2 million CFA francs).

6. Information and Communication Technology

The skills required for this sector include computer science, physics, mathematics, and management of information systems, as the field is heavily technical. The fields of web design and graphic design require a creative and artistic brain as well as an eye for detail. The most sought after and highest paid areas of ICT are technical and business architecture, as well as business analysis. Monthly salaries in these areas exceed on average $ 4,400 (2,300,000 CFA francs).

7. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship on the continent has grown considerably in recent years and has become one of the main providers of jobs on the continent. According to a report by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, Sub-Saharan Africa is the region with the highest number of people involved in early-stage entrepreneurial activity, with Zambia and Nigeria leading the global rankings. To become an entrepreneur, you have to have business talent; therefore, a degree in accounting, business management, and economics will be helpful. In addition, a good knowledge of the industry helps.

8. Transportation and Logistics

A career in transportation would require a solid knowledge of construction, architecture, town planning, engineering and logistics management, as well as business management. This career field absorbs graduates from all fields as it is supply chain oriented. The ideal candidate for this role is one who enjoys planning, organization, practicality and technical skills. Logistics managers, who are the planners and performers of distribution processes between suppliers and customers and who are the strategic planners of an organization's supply chain processes, are the highest paid in this area, with an average monthly salary of over $ 2,800 (2 million CFA francs).

9. Entertainment

This industry requires skilled professionals who can bring the imagination to life. Career fields include Journalism, Linguistics, Music, Film and Television, Dramatic Arts, Sound Engineering, Event Management, Radio, Fine Art, and Feature Film Writing for websites and various publications. A bachelor's degree in arts, dramatic arts, fine arts, film production and sound engineering along with a talent for creativity would serve newcomers to this industry well. A solid knowledge of business management and economics will be useful to creatives as they will create businesses from their art. Journalism, writing and publishing is the second highest paid area of ​​entertainment with an average monthly salary of $ 2,300 (1,200,000 CFA francs). Social networking skills will soon be in demand as businesses integrate social media strategies into their forms of marketing and extended communication. The most sought-after jobs will be search engine optimization specialists who will be responsible for analyzing websites and devising strategies to market website content on the Internet and thereby increase website readership; social media strategists who create and develop public profiles of companies on social media; online community managers who interact with a company's social media community; social media marketers who oversee the design and execution of social media marketing strategies and bring the company brand first; and bloggers or writers who create content for the social media community of a company. The field of social networks currently offers annual salaries of $ 4,700 (2,500,000 CFA francs) to $ 36,000 (19,300,000 CFA francs).

10. Tourism

Professionals entering this sector should study specialized programs in tourism and hospitality management. These programs provide fundamental knowledge in tourism, economics, catering, customer service, law, hospitality and legal matters. They also provide basic training in entrepreneurship and marketing. Career areas include travel consulting, event management, hotels and resorts, the cruise industry, and airlines. The best job in tourism is event coordination, which can pay up to $ 46,000 (24 million 600 thousand CFA francs) per year.

Source: Afrikbuzz

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