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Togo : The main points of the international seminar on Artificial Intelligence

Togo : The main points of the international seminar on Artificial Intelligence

6 days ago | by: David Kodjani

The Nunya Lab incubator was the setting for the first international seminar on new technology trends and future jobs on Tuesday June 21.

Organized by Technologies and Future Professions (TecFuPro) in collaboration with the University of Vaasa in Finland, the forum aimed to raise awareness of new technology trends and future professions.

TecFuPro is part of the two organizations' commitment to providing sustainable education and training that takes into account new technological trends. A need created by the advent of Industry 4.0 which, together with the era of digitalisation, is increasingly shaping workplaces. 

A total of six topics were discussed at the forum, which enabled young people to enter this new digital era at NunyaLab. These were Artificial Intelligence, Renewable Energy and Smart Cities, Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality, Artificial Reality and Blockchain.

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The panelists

The seminar included no less than 7 experts on these topics. We have :

  • Ari Sivula, Assistant Professor at the University of Vaasa (U.V). He spoke to the participants about "The impact of data-driven innovations on society".

  • Eddie Atikleme, COO of Dashmake who spoke on "Cybersecurity in Africa 

  • Janne Koljonen, Laboratory Engineer / Head of Degree Programmes at U.V. Her talk was on "Data Architects and how to optimize value creation from data"

  • Kodjovi Lotchi, Lecturer, Vaasa University of Applied Sciences. He discussed with the participants how to "Shape the jobs of the future with new technological trends (AI, Big data, IoT, ..)". 

  • Ahm Shamsuzzoha, Assistant Professor at U.V. His presentation focused on "Blockchain and Supply Chains"

  • Taina Orvokki Tukiainen, Executive Director of Research and Professor at U.V. "Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Innovation" is the topic he spoke on. 

  • Emmanuel Ndzibah, Programme Manager at U.V. The participants had the pleasure of discovering the "Roadmap for studies in Finland".

All these topics were of great interest to the participants, who naturally expressed their enthusiasm. 

You can relive the event thanks to the facebook lives and tweets on our respective pages.

Let's note that the organizers are already promising a second edition which would take place in Accra, Ghana. We will give you more details as soon as we have them.

Translated by Koboyo KANABIA