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Cyber ​​Africa Forum, the benchmark cybersecurity event in West Africa

Cyber ​​Africa Forum, the benchmark cybersecurity event in West Africa

9 days ago | by: David Kodjani

The Cyber Africa Forum (CAF) is a platform for exchange on the cybersecurity challenges facing Africa and for regional contacts.

The CAF 2022 is organized in partnership with the International Cyber Security Forum. It brings together African and international cybersecurity actors in Abidjan since Monday 9th May.

The goal of this event is to bring together authorities, business communities and cybersecurity specialists in the same place so that they can exchange their views and experiences. The forum puts cyber risk at the heart of Africa's issues, as a challenge to its emergence

Indeed, these experts play the role of facilitators by providing information and concrete solutions in the field of cybersecurity for the benefit of decision-makers in sub-Saharan Africa.

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This forum will allow more than 80 cybersecurity stakeholders to discuss 11 topics over 3 days:

  • Digital security and data protection: levers of growth for the continent

  • How to better protect the financial industry?

  • E-commerce and industry facing new cyber security threats

  • Data: can data development and protection be reconciled?

  • Data governance and security: economic opportunities, regulatory compliance or marketing leverage?

  • What pan-African and international cooperation to fight cybercrime?

  • Cyber Africa Women: Giving women their full place in science and technology

  • What place for cyber risk in internal control?

  • Cyber security: meeting the challenge of training, research and recruitment

  • Should Cyber risk be insured?

  • Telework, Cloud and BYOD: securing tomorrow's work and interactions

It should be noted that Africa has experienced a meteoric rise in information and communication technologies in recent years. This has led to an explosion in cybercrime, particularly in Côte d'Ivoire with the phenomenon of internet fraudsters or "jammers", hence the choice of Abidjan for this second edition.

Follow the debates live here

Source : CAF

Translate by Koboyo KANABIA